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Overall Maintenance & Repairs


“No problem is too big or too small for us!”


For most repair services, homeowners are excessively billed by their contractors. Even a minor roof leak fix is repaired at thousands of dollars. Furthermore, most of the general contractors are focused more on repairing, rather than finding out the root cause of all damages and explaining the work to their clients. If you have heard about or faced such contractors, then it’s time to change all that!

At Valley Home Restoration, we work tirelessly and meticulously to identify and fix every problem while providing overall maintenance and repairs for your home. Our services cover all your home needs. From changing a light bulb to fixing your plumbing or installing a drywall patch, we have the perfect solution for all your home remodeling, repair and maintenance requirements. Rather than calling different specialists for different jobs, let us take care of your home and save yourself from the time, energy and costs involved in hiring several contractors!

We provide:

Seasonal Maintenance

Whether you are facing heavy snowfall, hailstorms or rains, we’re always within arm’s reach, for all remedial and maintenance services. With a highly qualified, experienced and efficient team of individuals, we offer:

  • Window Insulation and Exterior Caulking
  • Leaf and Snow Removal
  •  Weather Stripping and Door Sweep Installations
  • Gutter Cleaning and Repair Services
  • Smoke Detector Installation and Maintenance Services
  • Battery replacement for all electronic equipment’s
  • Water and Ice Dam Damage Repairs Interior and Exterior
  • Window Cleaning
  • Window and Door Replacements

Exterior and Interior Repairs

We offer a comprehensive range of services and tailor-made solutions for a wide variety of interior and exterior home repairs. This includes:

  • Scraping, painting, varnishing and polishing services for all surface types
  • Miscellaneous and day-to-day repairs (such as changing light bulbs and basic plumbing)
  • Installation of gutter guard
  • Overall remodeling, decking, deck cleaning and drywall patching
  • Repair and/or removal of any wood rot
  • Complete inspection and repair of all doors, walls, windows and fence
  • Soffit and Fascia repair services
  • Pet door redesigning and installation

Why Call Us?

As one of the leading general contractors in Saugus, MA, we don’t just repair houses. We redesign your entire lifestyle. Our flagship services and affiliations with some of the leading brand names guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. For all your home repair and maintenance needs, contact Valley Home Restoration because we:

  • Provide a range of simple-to-complex solutions for all your home repair needs
  • Inspect all damage areas and prepare an initial estimate report – for free
  • Sit and discuss each repair work with you, before proceeding with the project
  • Do not charge excessively high or unreasonable fees for our services
  • Deliver the highest quality products and services, at par with your requirements
  • Are available to work 24/7

To learn more on our home restoration and repair services and to get in touch with our contractors and consultants, please feel free to contact us or email us below!

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